How to Get the Most from Your Charter Experience with Fishing Charters in the Broadwater

Taking a boat trip on the Gold Coast Broadwater can be amazing, but it’s especially appealing if you’re a fisherman. The Broadwater holds a vast and diverse amount of marine wildlife and is widely known throughout Gold Coast and the surrounding area as one of the nicest areas to drop a line.

whaleSometimes, though, it’s not easy to find or reach the best spots. Popular areas tend to be crowded, and if you don’t have a boat of your own, then you often can’t even reach them. That’s why a fishing charter for the Broadwater is a smart idea, but be careful—Broadwater fishing charters aren’t all the same. Choose the right charter and you could find yourself in a fantastic spot with high quality equipment, reeling in fish after fish. Choose a generic charter and you could find yourself in a crowded channel, competing with many other boats and scaring away all the fish.

If you’re going to pay someone to take you out on the water, you want your trip to be enjoyable no matter what. That’s why you should always look for fishing charters whose Broadwater area knowledge is based on years and years of personal experience. Locals are a much better bet for your charter needs than big companies who hire anybody they can. You can train a person to operate the controls of a boat, but you can’t teach somebody to understand the complexities of an area without significant time or experience. A good charter should also have modern, up-to-date equipment available for use, and comfortable facilities to make the trip enjoyable. So, where can you find all that when you’re looking for a Broadwater fishing charter?

Yellow Fin TunaHooker 1 Fishing Charter has you covered. Captain Ashley Retallack has over 15 years of experience with charters and knows Gold Coast like the back of his hand—because he grew up in the area. No stranger to the Broadwater, Ashley’s experience allows him to find the most active fishing channels in the area, and to sail Hooker 1 through a variety of different conditions. The boat has all the latest fish finding technology, which makes it an excellent choice for fishers who really want results from their trip.

A Fishing Charter for the Broadwater with State of the Art Gear

People don’t always think of fishing as a high-tech sport, but the fact is that the right gear goes a long way towards making sure that you can catch good fish. Hooker 1 has technology specifically designed to find fish so that our guests on board never have to worry about fishing in dead zones. With a full complement of Shimano gear on board too, you’ll always be equipped to make your best catch.

Call us for Fishing All Year Round

There are busier seasons and more relaxed ones, but there’s never a bad time to go fishing with Hooker 1 Fishing Charters. Call us today to make your booking, and get ready to experience the ocean in ways you never believed were possible.