Looking for Boat Charters? Find an All-Purpose Charter in Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is an incredible place to visit if you like the water. The coastline boasts incredible vistas, and the waters further out are home to all kinds of fascinating marine life. There are lots of good reasons to get acquainted with the animals who live in the waters near Surfers Paradise, too. Maybe you want to swim alongside fish, or perhaps you’re more interested in catching them. Either way, you’ll need a boat to get out there. If you can’t afford to buy one, that means hiring a charter. Even if you have your own boat, a charter in Surfers Paradise can still provide you with the benefits of dealing with an experienced crew, and allow you access to the latest equipment for your adventure out at sea.

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That’s why you should put some research into hiring the right Surfers Paradise charter boat. Don’t just choose the first sailor who offers you a ride. Proper charters in Surfers Paradise come with much more than that. The right Surfers Paradise charters should be able to take you out for many different kinds of activities, whether you’re with a group or going by yourself. They should be properly equipped and trained for deep-sea fishing expeditions, scuba diving, whale watching, or a simple cruise around the area. What’s more, they should be staffed by experienced professionals who are deeply familiar with both their craft and the area they sail it in.

You’ll find that kind of preparation and attention to detail when you hire Hooker 1 Fishing Charters. Our vessel is appropriate for heavy-duty fishing in many conditions, but also makes an excellent craft for getting out to some of the best dive spots near Surfers Paradise. We’re also an excellent option for parties, corporate get-togethers, and exploratory cruises up and down the coast.

A Vessel Equipped for Anything

Whether you’re trying to get out to the best fishing spots in the area or trying to reach the places where you’re most likely to see whales during their migrations, Hooker 1 is the perfect craft to get you there quickly and smoothly. With a cruising speed of 16 knots and a top speed of 20, our turbocharged diesel engine provides speed while the boat’s stable build offers a smooth ride through even the choppiest waters. You’ll be able to spend more time on your activities and less time getting to the right location.

A Surfers Paradise Charter with Highly Trained Crew

When you’re out in the boat, you’ll want to make sure that you have highly skilled people around to assist you always. Our crew of three possesses years of experience and knows the waters around Surfers Paradise inside and out. Finding prime fishing spots might be tough on your own, but with us, you’ll always be in waters teeming with wildlife. The same goes for our whale watching trips, offered from June to November. A trip with Hooker 1 Fishing Charters is an excellent way to experience Surfers Paradise in a brand-new way. Contact us today for more information or to speak to our Captain.